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Calendar Legend:  The Ranch has 3 dorms available for guest use:  The Family Dorm (Two Floors, F1 and F2), The Bodega Dorm (One Floor, B), and the Main Bunk House (Both Floors, M or Top Floor, M2).  Occupancy at the Ranch is noted on the calendar by a colored stripe for each floor, and a letter designating the dorm, and floor reserved.  For example, (F1) indicates the first floor of the Family Dorm only.

Capacities are: (F1) Family dorm bottom floor; 24, (F2) Family dorm top floor; 24, (B)odega dorm; 32,  (M) Main bunkhouse both floors; 72,  (M2) Main bunk house top floor; 32.  (You cannot rent just the bottom floor of the Main Bunk House).

Click this link for more info, including bed layouts of the dorms.

Home and Latrine Construction Schedule

This years construction schedule for homes:

Homes Schedule (.PDF)


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