FMM Visa Form Instructions

Commercial bus passengers will be required to fill out an FMM Visa entry form at the border.  Private vehicles and foot passengers have not been asked to do so yet.  You can fill out this form when you arrive at the border, OR you can fill it out online, and print it ahead of time.  You will present this printed form with your ID at the entry point.  You will save a LOT of time by having the form with you instead of standing in line and filling it out by hand.

NOTE:  This form has to be completed online and printed NO EARLIER than 30 days before you enter Mexico.  Keep this form with your passport.  There is no cost for this FMM Visa for stays of upto 7 days.



Click on the this link to start filling the online form.


Select the " EN " symbol to switch the form to ENGLISH.


Select the " By Land " radio button.


Check the " [ ]  I have read and agree to blah blah blah ....  "  check box.



The online form should now expand.  Use the following data to complete it: 



Point of Entry: El Chaparral (drop down value)


Date of arrival to Mexico: DD / MM / YYYY (day / month / year) 


Date of departure: DD / MM / YYYY (day / month / year) 


Reason for Trip: Tourism (drop down value)


Specify: Recreational Activities (drop down value)


State: Baja California (drop down value)


Address in Mexico: Rancho La Paloma, Tecate (type this in)

Minors ONLY will be presented with a Parents/Guardian section to complete.

We suggest that you use a bogus email address when filling this online form out, as you don't need (or want) anything or anyone to email you back.  Your entry for the "bogus" email address should look like a valid address (i.e. " noemail @ nowhere . com " )



Enter the verification code listed to prove you are a human.


Click the SAVE button.


Click the YES button to affirm that all the info entered is correct.

A " notification " should display that all is well.  


Click the " CLOSE " button.


Click the " DOWNLOAD " button.


Print the downloaded FMM Visa (NOT YOUR SCREEN!) and keep it with your ID 



Online FMM Visa:




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Last modified: June 05, 2018