The Ranch provides meals and lodging for groups larger than 12.  Groups desiring to cook for themselves will need to rent the entire facility (150+ people).  Click on the above links to view the menu and costs.

The feedback we have received from most of the groups is that they LOVE the fresh cooked and catered meals provided by the Ranch, and would not want to hassle with shopping and cooking even if they could.

If you are going to be doing strenuous work such as building a house, you might want to consider packing some extra high energy snacks with you for the worksite.


In Tecate and Tijuana, the tap water is NOT POTABLE.  It is OK for showers, but DO NOT use it to brush your teeth or drink.  The Ranch provides you with all the filtered purified water AND ice that you need while you are at the ranch or away from the Ranch.  Water is available in water dispensers throughout the campus.  Please notify your hosts if a dispenser is empty, they will be more than happy to replenish it.

We have a nominal charge that we assess for water and ice usage.  This charge is listed on your reservation invoice, and should have been already paid in full before your trip starts.  No payments of any kind are due from your team while on-site.  Staying hydrated is an essential part of remaining healthy on your adventure.



Depending on how hot it gets, water consumption off site can vary between 1/2 to 1 gallon of water per person per day.

Sports drink powders (like Gatoraid) replenish electrolytes lost via perspiration.  Add to your personal bottle only.

The ranch does not provide paper cups for water.  Please use your sports water bottle at the ranch and elsewhere.


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Last modified: July 12, 2018