Medical and Health Issues

The number one health issue is dehydration, leading to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  This is prevented by consuming copious amounts of water throughout the day.  On average, an active person consumes between 3/4 and 1 gallon per day.  Remember to add electrolytes to every other sports water bottle consumed.  

It is helpful to have at least one medically trained person on the trip.  Have all leaders identify this person.  Basic first aid knowledge is invaluable on any excursion.  A good quality first aid kit should remain with this person at all times.

Important Phone Numbers

U.S. Consulate in Tijuana

 (664) 622-7400   (08.00 to 16.45)

U.S. Consulate answering service

 001 - (619) 692-4500  (San Diego)

SCRIPPS Chula Vista Hospital

 001 - (619) 691-7000   (ChulaVista)

Red Cross / Ambulance

 066  (Yes, 3 digit number)

Fire Department

 066  (3 digit number)

Police Department

 066  (3 digit number)

Note: Dial (001) before the area code and phone number to call a U.S. number while you are in Mexico.  In the U.S., dial (011-52) before dialing any Mexican phone number.

Medical Clinics

Red Cross station in Tecate:   You probably saw all the ambulances parked in front of the Red Cross clinic as you drove from the Tecate border to the ranch.  The building is located on the north side of the main street in Tecate (Blvd. BENITO JUAREZ), half way to the Tecate border crossing from Ranch.  There are 2 speed bumps right in front of the building.  See the link to the map below.


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