A multitude of projects are awaiting willing groups at the Ranch.  Your participation is a blessing to the Ranch and the numerous groups that use the Ranch in their ministry work.   Please contact us if you are led to assist by volunteering your time, materially, or both.

Several groups either add a day to their trip and volunteer to do projects on site, or come down specifically when the directors are on site to join them for a long weekend of work, great meals and an intimate time of fellowship and service - all in a rustic setting.

Capital Improvements

We would be delighted to discuss your involvement in any aspect of these large projects and major expenditures:


Continue the Southern permiter wall/fence (US$15,000)

Bathroom Pavilion (US$200,000!)

Casita Village homes (6 more, @ $9000 each) 

Kiva by soccer field ($20,000)


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Last modified: July 05, 2019