Schematics and Plans

Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center collaborates with several volunteer groups and sister ministries that facilitate house and latrine building logistics in Mexico.  If you would like to build a home or a latrine for a needy family, please contact us.  We can arrange all the logistics for you, as well as guide your trip if necessary.

If you are going on a house building trip, please take the time to read these helpful tips and reminders before you leave for Mexico.  Listed below are plans and other aides for building these structures:

The House Schematic

23 Page schematic.  Courtesy of TeamCasa, BCM, ClubDust and many others.  (Rev. Dec. 2010).

(.pdf) format

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House Electrical Panel

Step by step guide for installing an optional 2 breaker panel and grounding system for the house.  Cost is about $40.  

(.pdf) format

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The Latrine Schematic

15 Page schematic.  The concrete foundation is in place when you arrive at the work site.  Plans Courtesy of TeamCasa.

(.pdf) format

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The Casita (a.k.a Pop House)

18 Page schematic for the "portable" one-room homes that are built for itinerant families that don't own the land they live on.  Homes can be dis-assembled with a screw driver and moved.

(.pdf) format

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The Model House and Latrine animation

This animation gives you a 360 degree tour of the house and latrine.  Courtesy of Hector and TeamCasa.

Animation (.gif)

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